Airport shuttle service from Tan Son Nhat Vung Tau, offering 4-seater & 7-seater options

Renting a car for a trip from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau, for sightseeing, shopping, or for transportation from Vung Tau to Tan Son Nhat Airport before departure, is one of the top choices for many customers nowadays. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of using public transportation like buses and slow coaches, complicated motorbike options, or expensive taxis, opting for a private airport shuttle service will provide you with more convenience, flexibility, and safety for your journey.

Airport shuttle service in Vung Tau
Airport shuttle service in Vung Tau

If you’re looking for a reputable car rental service offering transfers from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau with reliable 4-seater, 7-seater, and 16-seater vehicles at affordable prices and high quality, we assure you prompt, safe, and 24/7 services with great deals. Call our Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau shuttle hotline at 03.2828.7778 to experience our best-in-class service.

Where is Vũng Tàu located?

Vũng Tàu encompasses a significant portion of the peninsula of the same name, along with Long Son Island and Ganh Rang Island situated to the south of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. The city is located 95 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City by road and 80 km by air, serving as a crucial gateway from the Southeast region to the sea.

Administrative boundaries:

  • East: Borders Long Dien district
  • West: Borders Ganh Rai Bay
  • South, southeast, and southwest: Borders the East Sea
  • North: Borders Bà Rịa city and Phú Mỹ town.

Less than a 2-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Vũng Tàu is a popular destination for many young people. Explore and discover essential information about Vũng Tàu with Dona Taxi in this article.

As the nearest coastal city to Saigon, Vũng Tàu is always on the minds of Saigonese seeking relaxation by the beach and enjoying the vibrant “vitamin sea” atmosphere. Here, you not only experience the beauty of stunning beaches but also have the opportunity to explore various cultural and historical sites, visit unique entertainment areas, and indulge in irresistible local specialties.

If you’re planning a trip to Vũng Tàu in the near future, take some time to grasp basic knowledge about choosing transportation to this city. This will boost your confidence, motivate you to prepare your luggage, and embark on a comprehensive exploration of Vũng Tàu.

When should you rent a car to go to Vũng Tàu?

There are various situations where renting a car to travel to Vũng Tàu becomes a highly reasonable choice:

  1. Tourism: Planning a trip to Vũng Tàu? Renting a car provides flexible and comfortable transportation for your exploration. You can freely create your itinerary and depart at the time you desire to visit interesting destinations.
  2. Business Travel: For business travelers, renting a car to Vũng Tàu is a time-saving and productivity-boosting option. You can hire a car to conveniently and swiftly transport you from Tan Son Nhat Airport, hotels, or other provinces to Vũng Tàu.
  3. Commerce: Business people often need to travel to the Moc Bai border gate to meet business partners. Renting a car ensures ease and reliability in transportation.
  4. Family or Group Travel: When traveling with family or a group, renting a private car to Vũng Tàu offers comfort and privacy. You can share costs and adjust the schedule according to your preferences without adhering to public transportation schedules.
  5. Cargo Transport: If you need to transport goods to Vũng Tàu, transportation services provide suitable vehicles to meet your cargo transport needs. This helps save time and ensures safety in cargo transportation.

Pricing table for 4-seater and 7-seater airport transfers to Vũng Tàu.

Airport Tan Son Nhat to Vũng Tàu Car Rental Price List for 4 – 7 Seaters.
TOYOTA VIOS Hyundai Accent
One-way Car Rental Itinerary
Car Price for 4 Seaters (VND)
Car Price for 7 Seaters (VND)
Car from Vũng Tàu to Tan Son Nhat Airport 1.200.000vnđ

52 USD



56 USD

Car from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vũng Tàu 1.200.000vnđ

52 USD


56 USD

Note: The prices for renting airport transfer to Vũng Tàu may be subject to slight adjustments or depend on the specific pickup location. To get the most accurate and competitive rates, please contact at the Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vũng Tàu shuttle hotline at 03.2828.7778. The quoted prices include bridge tolls and waiting fees for round-trip bookings. Additionally, for businesses requiring VAT invoices, a 10% surcharge will be applied to the pre-announced prices.

Where can I find a good-priced car rental service from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vũng Tàu?

Welcome to the Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vũng Tàu shuttle service. We, Dona Taxi, take pride in being a reputable and professional passenger transport company. In recent years, we have consistently provided safe journeys and prompt booking services, earning trust and support from many customers.

With over 10 years of experience, we lead in the field of quality passenger transportation services. Dona Taxi is committed to ensuring the highest customer satisfaction every time they choose us for their trip to Vũng Tàu.

Currently, there are many service providers offering car rental from Saigon or airport transfers to Vũng Tàu. Despite their reputation, affordability, or high quality, there are still some units with subpar service. Dona Taxi confidently stands as one of the top service providers for airport transfers to Long Hai, Ho Tram, Xuyen Moc, Dat Do, Chau Duc, Tan Thanh, Phu My, Phuoc Tinh, Phuoc Buu, Phuoc Hai Vũng Tàu, and we also provide professional car rental services in many areas such as Saigon, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Tan Son Nhat Airport, Can Tho Airport, and many other nearby provinces.

We pledge to offer new vehicles, experienced and long-serving drivers, and strict adherence to traffic safety rules. Our competitive price list is one of the top advantages in the region, and customer loyalty over the years is a testament to the quality and dedication of Dona Taxi.

The advantages of choosing’s Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau shuttle service.

Choosing our shuttle service to Vung Tau comes with several valuable advantages:

  1. Driver Quality: Our focus is on the service quality of our driver team. They undergo professional training to ensure the best service.
  2. New Fleet: Our vehicles meet high-quality standards, are well-maintained, and kept clean. Amenities like bottled water, cold towels, and in-car video screens enhance passenger comfort.
  3. Reasonable Pricing: We are committed to providing the most competitive prices in the region. In addition to the listed prices, we negotiate to ensure satisfaction for both parties.
  4. Professional Advice: Our experienced advisory staff will guide you based on your specific needs, helping you find the most suitable and cost-effective rental.
  5. Reputation and Customer Rights: Customer satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. We adhere to the principle that “reputation is quality” and guarantee a 100% refund for any errors in the rental contract.
  6. Customer Benefits: We offer a 30% discount on contracts from Tan Son Nhat Airport to destinations such as Long Hai, Ho Tram, Xuyen Moc, Dat Do, Chau Duc, Tan Thanh, Phu My, Phuoc Tinh, Phuoc Buu, Phuoc Hai, Vung Tau, or round-trip Tan Son Nhat Airport shuttle services. Returning customers receive an additional 10% discount.
  7. Customizable Schedule: You have the right to use the vehicle and driver according to your itinerary.
  8. Door-to-Door Support: We provide pick-up and drop-off support at various locations as per the rental agreement without additional charges.
  9. Free Waiting Time: We allow up to 90 minutes of free waiting time for one-way rentals and 180 minutes for round-trip rentals.

All these advantages collectively make us a great choice for shuttle services to Vung Tau. offers a variety of shuttle services from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau, providing a range of vehicles to suit different preferences and needs.

Renting a 4-seater car from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau

Renting a 4-seater car from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau is currently popular. Common models for this route include Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, and Suzuki Celerio, offering the most affordable rates. Ideal for families with 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults and 1 child, these cars are cost-effective for up to 4 passengers. While luggage space may be limited, choosing a 4-seater is more economical than a 7-seater for trips from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau or other destinations. Booking two hours in advance grants a 20% discount.

Renting a 7-seater car from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau

Renting a 7-seater car from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Vung Tau provides spacious and comfortable options compared to 4-seaters. These vehicles, including popular models like Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi Xpander, accommodate up to 6 adults and offer ample luggage space when folding the rear seats. With room for 3 large suitcases and 1 small suitcase, these 7-seaters are preferred by many for long journeys, ensuring both passenger comfort and luggage convenience. Although slightly more expensive than 4-seaters, they remain cost-effective choices for family trips to destinations like Vung Tau. Enjoy a luxurious and spacious ride at a reasonable rental price.


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